Our Story

HSM is a DongGuan based shoe factory that produces high volume styles to America, Canada and Europe since 2005. We make Women’s, Men’s and Kids footwear ranging from a dressy contemporary aesthetic to casual comfort and athletic styles. We love to collaborate with design teams and stay one step ahead!

We have over 80 employees including experienced Technicians, Sample room workers, QC teams and Design Merchandisers.  Our development center in Houjie is conveniently located around many material markets for quick sourcing requests. The footwear we produce is a range of real leather, pu, flyknit & stretch uppers, with Cement, waterproof, strobel and espadrille constructions. We have also launched a NYC design studio for easy collaboration with our American clients. Our designers in NY can meet with your buyers or design team, and work on sourcing, sketching by hand or computer, and linebuilding as well as partner with you in travel. We are professional, efficient and agile with changing company design and development needs.

For any inquiries please email :  Patrick@hsm-shoes.com.cn


U.S. & European Clients